Freeletics APHRODITE Workout

Here it is: Your first Freeletics workout! You will find a workout description and guidelines regarding range of motions and exercise forms below.

Your first workout is called Aphrodite. It does not require equipment. There are no mandatory breaks. That means you are supposed to complete the workout without taking breaks – if possible. It is important to complete it in the exact same order as stated below and to work through it as fast as possible. Quitting is not an option.


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From Dead Butt to Active Arse

Do you consider yourself to be a paper-pushing athlete or a desk jockey? Or do you hold the record for the word’s longest passive squat? If your daily regimen includes multiple hours sitting, here are three exercises to turn the gluteus minus into gluteus maximus. And once you’ve located the proper muscles and done these exercises, you can graduate to the “ultimate dead butt to active arse” exercise.

You can do hundreds of squats and not actively flex the main hip stabilizers or glutes. Really, what needs to happen is location and activation of these muscles. Apply activation and flex these muscles while sitting – anywhere, anytime.

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If you are trying to get ripped? Want to shed those final 10 pounds and really tightening up on your diet plan? If so, you may be tempted to forgo most of the fats in your diet, thinking that the lower the fat you eat, the more fat you burn.
This isn’t quite the case. While you definitely don’t want to overdo fat – especially fat of the wrong variety,

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Sweet Spinach Smoothie

You’ve worked hard for your bikini body, so there’s no reason to spend the cooler seasons undoing all those hours of sweat. This spinach smoothie from trainer Harley Pasternak is a favorite of his celebrity clients (Julianne Hough is a fan!) for helping them stay on the right track, especially after an indulgent period.
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